Design Your Brand

With 20 years of print and screen based design I can quickly jump into designing a new brand or improve on an existing brand or product.

Create your Website

I can deliver the complete process of designing and developing your website. I can also help maintain and write copy for them.

Improve your App UI/UX

Over 10 years I have created great user interfaces and experiences in hundreds of award-winning and multi-million selling mobile apps.

Create 2D/3D Assets

During my award-winning app and game development I’ve created many low-ploy 3D models, props and 2D sprite assets for use on mobile.

Brand Design

With over 20 years of print and screen based design, I have the ability to jump into designing for an existing or new brand or product. Below is just a selection of brand logos that I have designed, some of which has been designed with bespoke typography or edited existing typography. If you are looking for a new brand or logo design, let’s connect!


website Design & Dev

I provide the complete process of designing and developing websites. I also help maintain and write copy for them. I am able to design and develop websites using HTML, PHP and CSS and MySQL. More recently I have recommended using WordPress and Elementor framework to simplify the process, quicken development and reduce the cost to you.

App Design

I have designed and developed 100s of successful mobile apps and games. Experienced in what UI/UX works best for mobile I have helped design some award-winning or highly downloaded apps. I have skills in Unity UI where I can create in-game UI also. I have 20 years experience in using creative tools from Photoshop to Illustrator, Sketch to Maya.

3D & Illustration

During my award-winning mobile development I have created many low-ploy 3D models, props and 2D sprite assets, specifically for use on mobile. This includes 3D modelling, texturing and rigging in Maya, exporting FBX models into Unity, importing animations from Mixamo as well as creating bespoke keyframe animations for in-game characters.

A Little About me

My name is Anthony, I am a creative designer with a background in graphic design, print, web, app and game development throughout my 20 year design and development career.

Since leaving University, my professional career kicked-off as a graphic designer for one of the UK’s leading e-learning companies. It was here where I designed for some major blue-chip clients, banks and government organisations. 

Desiring creative freedom, I soon outgrew my role at this company and I chose to fly solo as a freelance designer. During this time I worked on some major contracts for some leading entertainment and videogame brands, games publishers, as well as charities and medical organisations.

After four successful years, I was offered the opportunity to become a Creative Director for a new app development studio. Together we grew a varied client base, from UK Premier League football teams to major food brands and Hollywood movie studios. During this successful time we also developed our own IP, some of which were featured on both Apple and Google App Stores. This exposure gave us the flexibility to follow our passion to start our very own games studio. During this period we created our own IP of apps and games, some of which received multi-million downloads, to earning of over £1-million in revenue.

After 10 exciting and challenging years as a Creative Director, I decided to return to freelance once again. This is where I feel the most creative. Where I can utilise my past experiences and successes into exploring and being challenged in new industries.

If my story has encouraged you to learn more about me and how I can help you, your company or your project, please do get in touch.

Availability & Location:
Online remote working or within 60 miles of Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Award-Winning Skills & Experience:
Art Direction / Branding / Data Visualisation / Consultancy / Game Design / Illustration / Graphic Design / Print Design / Web Design / UI/UX / Agile Game & App Development / 3D Low-Poly Modelling / WordPress Development / Sprite Asset Creation / Audio Editing / Copywriting / Blogging / Project Management / Video Creation & Editing / Social Media / Web, Game & App Analytics / ASO / SEO

Previous Clients

Over my entire design career I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, from popular consumer brands to leading companies and oganisations. Below are just a number of companies and brands that I have worked with.

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