Brand Logo Design

Over 20 years of print and screen based design allows me to jump into designing for a new or existing brand or product.

Website Development

Over 20 years of providing the whole process of designing and developing websites, as well as maintaining them and writing articles for them.

UI/UX Design

Over 10 years of designing and developing 100s of successful mobile applications and games. I also have skills in Unity3D game development.


I have experience in low-poly modelling in Maya, creating assets for mobile games including rigging and animation in Unity3D.

I Run A Few Websites Too...

I also create and run a few independent websites & blogs in my spare time

I started, an Apple CarPlay blog, in 2015. Its reader base grows each year, currently grossing an average of over 4,000 readers per day and it is the highest ranked website on Google for CarPlay News. 

Its success has created key relationships with leading manufacturers of CarPlay hardware and technological gadgets for Apple enthusiasts around the world. is a technology blog I created in November 2018, ahead of the global release of the Oculus Quest VR headset, which launched in May 2019. 

Oculus Quest Play covers the latest news and reviews for the Oculus Quest platform, its hardware, software and its accessories. Our community of fans is growing each month and I expect this to rapidly increase once the VR headset grows its worldwide userbase.

Console Monster grew from “360 Monster” – a website I originally designed back in 2005 for the Xbox 360. After a few successful years that saw the blog receive over 350K readers per month, we expanded coverage of Nintendo and PlayStation consoles.

Through 360 Monster I became a Microsoft MVP and Console Monster was invited twice to LA on behalf of Microsoft Xbox. It continues to run to this very day, some 13+ years later, which is an achievement for an independently run website written by a team of up to 10+ free volunteers.

I found there was a lack of dedicated resource to browse console system background wallpapers via the console’s own web browser, so PlayStation Wallpapers was created. is a simple website that fills this void. It allows visitors to browse and download free bespoke wallpapers, created by myself, on to their console as their own custom background.