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Hello, my name is Anthony. Congratulations on finding me. I am a content creator with a background in creative design & development that spanned a 20+ year professional career.

Alongside a successful professional career in graphic design, print, web, app and game development, I had the passion to create, run and write for my own review-based websites. This started in 2005, with the launch of the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming website – 360Monster. After designing this website and I soon fell into becoming its owner, and on doing so I discovered a passion that I wasn’t aware existed – writing about technology.

Since 2005 I ran and created a number of spin-off gaming and technology websites. After a few years of running 360Monster, it soon evolved into the multi-platform gaming website – – which continues to operate today and it has built an influential social media presence and page ranking that has helped many brands.

In 2015 I created, a website that has grown into a successful auto and technology review blog. CarPlay Life is the leading website in my network, but a close second is – a VR-based review blog that I established in 2019. In such a short time, Oculus Quest Play soon grew into one of the best accessory review blogs for the Oculus/Meta Quest standalone VR headset platform.

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Latest update: 22 April 2023

As readers evolved into watchers, with the growing popularity of YouTube content, I decided to create my own video content. I began to reach out to various technology brands and convert my casual and informative written reviews into scripts for publication on YouTube. I began this adventure in Q4 2019, and in a relatively short time, I started to build a solid subscriber/follower base. I’ve had views of my content exceeding in their millions and years of hours have been watched between both of my technology-based YouTube channels CarPlayLife and OQPlay.

Each of my YouTube channels has built a great number of communities and followers that have encouraged me to channel my passion for reviewing technology by creating video-based content. My written websites continue to operate to bolster and help create a library of my content, and with all these platforms and their combined social media presence,  I am able to offer services that include product reviews, gameplays, walkthroughs, and how-to guides for a variety of product categories, from the latest car stereos and robot vacuums to the latest VR headset accessories.

So if my journey has enlightened you, and you would like to discuss more, then please do get in touch and tell me how may I help introduce your product/s to my growing loyal audience.

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The majority of my created content spans two of the content platforms below. Both platforms feature a website, YouTube channel, and social media followers (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok) and also a newsletter subscriber following.

Apple & Tech Lifestyle is an Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and technology lifestyle review blog and YouTube channel that has a large tech-friendly community that spans its many readers, viewers, and social media followers. I weekly content covering tech lifestyle, car products and how-to guides.

Meta Quest VR is a review blog and YouTube channel that covers the fast-growing niche of Virtual Reality and the many VR accessories that sell on its various platforms. Each weekly video focuses on the Meta Quest VR platform, the fastest growing and widley adopted VR platform.


Whilst working directly or with PR/marketing agencies, I have been lucky enough to be able to collaborate with a large variety of brands over the last 16+ years. Below is just a select few of the brands that I have worked with.

Enter your details in the contact form and add a little about your product/s (include links if possible) and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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