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 Hello, my name is Anthony, congratulations on finding me.

I am a seasoned content creator with over 20 years of experience in graphic design, web development, and technology reviews. Throughout my career, I have not only crafted engaging content but also delivered tangible results for leading technology brands. By partnering with me, brands can tap into a track record of increasing brand visibility, driving customer engagement, and boosting sales through strategic content creation. My unique storytelling approach and deep understanding of the tech industry enable me to resonate with audiences and convert viewers into loyal customers.

My journey as a content creator began with the creation of 360Monster in 2005, a Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming website that evolved into ConsoleMonster, one of the most influential multi-platform gaming websites today. These platforms have not only built a strong social media presence but have also successfully promoted and elevated numerous tech brands. In 2015, I founded CarPlay Life, a leading auto and technology review blog that has attracted a dedicated following appreciative of insightful and authentic content. Additionally, the launch of OQPlay in 2019, a VR-based review blog, quickly positioned itself as a premier source of information for Oculus Quest users worldwide.

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My transition into video content creation on YouTube further expanded my reach and impact. With millions of views and hours watched on my channels, CarPlay Life and OQPlay, I have built thriving communities that value my in-depth product reviews, gameplays, and how-to guides. The combination of my written websites and video content allows me to offer a comprehensive suite of services to brands, helping them showcase their products effectively to a growing and engaged audience.

If my track record and approach resonate with your brand’s goals, I invite you to explore how we can collaborate to introduce your products to my loyal audience. Let’s discuss how my content creation expertise can elevate your brand and drive meaningful results in the tech industry.

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The majority of my created content spans two of the content platforms below. Both platforms feature a website, YouTube channel, and social media followers (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok) and also a newsletter subscriber following.

Car & Tech Content is a car & tech lifestyle review blog and YouTube channel that has a large tech-friendly community that spans its many readers, viewers, and social media followers. Its weekly content covers tech lifestyle, car tech products, and how-to guides.

Virtual Reality Content is a review blog and YouTube channel that covers the fast-growing niche of Virtual Reality and the many VR accessories that sell on its various platforms. Each video focuses on the Meta Quest standalone VR platform, the fastest growing and widley adopted VR platform.


Whilst working directly or with PR/marketing agencies, I have been lucky enough to be able to collaborate with a large variety of brands over the last 16+ years. Below is just a select few of the brands that I have worked with.

Enter your details in the contact form and add a little about your product/s (include links if possible) and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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